People for Seattle

Progressive, Pragmatic, Get Things Done Leadership

People for Seattle is a group of progressive Seattleites who are determined to make our City Council more responsive to public concerns. We favor Get Things Done Leadership.

We love Seattle. It is a special place. We believe in basic principles of good governance and accountability. We’ve watched our City Council abandon those principles and routinely ignore the mounting public dissatisfaction with the direction of our city.

Too often, Council members grandstand in front of television cameras, rather than doing the hard work of governing. Some seek to deepen divisions instead of seeking common ground. Some focus on their own ideological agenda instead of doing what’s best for the city as a whole.

We seek to elect Council members who will bridge the divides and implement progressive, practical solutions to address our city’s most pressing problems—homelessness, transportation, economic and environmental sustainability, education of our children, public health, and neighborhood safety.

As taxpayers, we realize that city resources are limited. We seek Council members who will be thoughtful stewards of our tax dollars, who will set goals, oversee plans, demand accountability and effectiveness, and who will not be led by self-serving interest groups of any kind.

This year’s election, with seven of the nine Council seats on the ballot, will determine the future of our city. People for Seattle will support candidates who are committed to restoring basic standards of good government and accountability to the City Council. We will work to elect progressive, pragmatic Council members who want to get good things done for the common good.

We know that many residents of Seattle feel as we do that the City Council has lost its way. It’s time for a reset. Join us in this important effort to elect a City Council that will restore public trust and work constructively to solve Seattle’s pressing problems.

Tom Alberg
Startup Investor


Joe Fugere
Neighborhood Business Owner


Jordan Royer
Former Public Safety Advisor / Community Volunteer

Chris Bayley
Former King County Prosecuting Attorney


Taylor Hoang
Neighborhood Business Owner


David Stewart
Community Volunteer

Stephan Blanford
Former Seattle School Board Member


Paula Reynolds
Trustee, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


Lyn Tangen
Downtown Resident / Community Volunteer

Tim Burgess
Former Council Member & Interim Mayor


Bob Richards


Ginny Gilder
Gilder Office for Growth
Force 10 Enterprises / Hoops/Sports Management / Performance


People for Seattle

PO Box 21622

Seattle, WA 98111-3622



People for Seattle is accepting donations in order that we may provide information to voters about the council elections.  There are no contribution limits, so donations small and large are welcome. Click on the button to the right to donate by credit card, or you can make a check payable to People for Seattle and mail it to:  PO Box 21622 Seattle, WA 98111-3622.  Thank you