People for Seattle has endorsed candidates that we feel best meet our criteria to restore basic standards of good government and accountability to the City Council. These candidates were selected based on their responses to our questionnaire, public positions on issues and, in some cases, in-person interviews.  In our evaluation it became clear that each of these candidates will bridge ideological divides and implement progressive, practical solutions to address our city's most pressing problems-homelessness, transportation, economic and environmental sustainability, education of our children, public health, and neighborhood safety. These candidates will also be thoughtful stewards of our tax dollars, they will set goals, oversee plans, demand accountability and effectiveness, and will not be led by self-serving interest groups of any kind.

We enthusiastically recommend the following candidates for your vote by August 6.

Council District 1  Phil Tavel
Campaign website:
Read the Seattle Times endorsement:  Times Endorsement

Council District 2  Mark Solomon
Campaign website:
Read the Seattle Times endorsement: Times Endorsement

Council District 3  Egan Orion
Campaign website:

Council District 4  Alex Pedersen
Campaign website:

Council District 5  Debora Juarez
Campaign website:

In Council Districts 6 and 7 People for Seattle did not make endorsements because there were multiple candidates in each district that were equally qualified and met our criteria.  We believe Seattle residents will be well served by selecting any of the following candidates:

Council District 6  Jay Fathi or Heidi Wills

Council District 7  Michael George or Andrew Lewis or Jim Pugel or Jason Williams